Healthy as an Ox … an Old, Old Ox

Fabulous News:  This self-employed smoking pre-existing condition having husband, is proud to announce that we finally just got insurance for a family of 5 without having to take out a small loan or the promise of my first born … OK so granted I don’t go to the doctors and literally the last time I saw a General Practitioner his name was Dr Cassagrande located on Main Street in Matawan, NJ … but then again I have paid to have auto insurance for 29 yrs and thankfully have never had to file a claim … and like the latter, just knowing it’s there now in case this old jalopy breaks down is comforting but in the mean time I would be honored having every penny of it going to someone who needs a treatment that otherwise they wouldn’t have access to … love thy neighbor or pay it forward, no matter how you look at it, remember one day you might be the one on the receiving side … Love and Light

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