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30 Day Selfie Challenge – Day 5

Selfie Day Five taken 3/6/16: Hi kids, it’s mom locked in the bathroom at 9:35 pm PST … I know you think I’m perfect, mostly because I’ve been telling you that since birth, but you’re getting older now and it’s time I stop shielding you from the awful truth of my silent suffering … now […]

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30 Day Selfie Challenge – Day 2

Selfie Day Two taken 3/3/16: Hi Kids, it’s your mom (and Milan) sitting in ER at 5:45pm PST. Turns out I have an ear infection in the right ear which is the side closest to the passenger seat where one of you is always talking my ear off, could be just a coincidence, but possibly […]

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30 Day Selfie Challenge – Day 1

Due to something irrelevant, it has recently been brought to my attention that in this crazy era of ‘here’s my selfie, look at me, my food and everything else I’m doing that you’re not but lucky enough to witness through me’, I have chosen not to partake in the visual world of ‘my life looks […]

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