About Us
fab∙u∙lous∙o∙phynoun; the wisdom of all things fabulous
fab’u∙lous∙ly un∙con∙ven∙tion∙al™ adv; in a fabulous manner not adhering to convention; being out of the ordinary “fab’u∙lous∙ly un∙con∙ven∙tion∙al”™ is just our polite way of saying “fu™” to everyone and everything that has preconceived notions on how women should think, feel and speak because it is the politically correct way to live. In this day and age when we are involuntarily forced into allowing the insertion of politics into every facet of our modern lives, “fu™” is for all of us who want to regain our individuality and get back to saying what we feel and feeling what we say without the judgment or guilt.     The sole inspiration behind the creation of “fu™” in all mediums, is to give a nudge, a shove or even a swift kick in the ass if necessary, to women of all ages in the direction towards the empowerment and much needed education of self-esteem and independence while never compromising their morals or femininity. To show that women can still be giggling little girls as well as paragons of strength without being forced into choosing or sacrificing either side of themselves. (Not to discriminate against men, but let’s face it they have strip clubs, sports and Westerns as outlets and they are not complaining or calling at 3am for your advice). We are determined and prepared to bring much more to the table then the current approach of stimulating the educated women, which, in our opinion, has been reduced to preaching or embarrassing us on brainless talk shows or exploiting us in over the top parodies just to fill dead TV air and gain ratings. Consequently creating unresponsive brain cells in generations of women and expanding waist lines (a.k.a. big fat asses) as they wait for the miracle cure on what is going to make them happy then forcing them to watch infomercials to lose the weight and cure their newly diagnosed depression. The solitary objective of having women acknowledge their “fab’u∙lous∙ly un∙con∙ven∙tion∙al”™ selves is very realistic. The formula is very simplistic, eliminate the fluff and fairytales, then replace them with the presentation of raw truth and a lot of humor. These are two basic strengths we can all draw from, regardless of our backgrounds or color of our state (red or blue). While laughing together at our many flaws and imperfections, rather than being laughed at or crying alone, and celebrating our strengths and gifts, we can lead women on their way to creating a foundation of true self happiness and respect, all the while maintaining their very glamorous and feminine body armor, with the help of a few great fashion accessories. Most importantly, womanhood, in general, needs to learn that it is never too late to be happy in your own skin, no matter what stage of life you are in and just be happy within yourself. If it means running a large household, a large corporation, both or even neither, as long as they are doing what they are doing because they want to do it. To step up to finally saying and doing what they truly believe in their hearts will make them happy, and move far away from thinking that they must do what is expected of them, if they do not trust in it themselves, regardless of what everyone else believes is in their best interest. So, say “fu™” to anyone who wants to tell us what beautiful looks like, at what age we should be married, procreate and better yet that we must choose between a career or a family. Our determination is for all females to come into their own and stop settling for less because they have been forced to believe that they have no other choice. We want to show that the choices are out there, they just need to realize that they can have and do it all, just not all at the same time just being and living “fab’u∙lous∙ly un∙con∙ven∙tion∙al”™