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Forever Their Marilyn Monroe

She never quite fit into their standard of her
Always different, not a lifer like they were
Her departure never brought them to tears
Why so much interest after all of these years
Forever young she has lived in their hearts
They manage to recall only the positive parts
Why does time skew the accuracy of details
Dislike dissipates while admiration prevails
Suppressed emotions in a pot ready to stir
With recollections now somehow a blur
Proclaiming love and heartache they had
Dating back before the day of her grad
Truth as she remembers is all that she knew
Their version of things changed as they grew
Age has a funny way of changing the facts
A continuous mental voyage of back tracks
Their memories are of when she was a teen
A great deal of life has passed in between
Friends and events she can’t even name
They have no idea of what she became
No need to tell, they don’t care to know
They only want her as she was years ago
In their minds she will never age or grow
She will forever be their Marilyn Monroe

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