You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Today is 11/11 and my favorite day of the year, numerically speaking anyway, so what better day to kick off this fabulous blog I thought … well, then I started thinking more about it and what would I write about; it is my first blog and all, and the pressure is definitely on because you never do get a second chance to make a good first impression right … so it would of course have to be fabulous while definitely memorable and funny enough that it would be something you would want to talk about and possibly share with your friends while not too controversial to scare off the faint at heart  …. and with that burden weighing heavy on my shoulders, like the new kid in school trying to gain the friendship of the masses, I searched high and low for that one perfect topic that I could possibly talk about that wouldn’t offend a single person while at the same time not put me to sleep … and as sure as shit, I came up empty handed, or would that be empty thoughted (I’ll take a writers liberty on that one)… either way, I came to the conclusion that these days there isn’t one fucking thing you can discuss in a group that doesn’t upset at least one person, and for me that usually includes a group of just one … seriously what a bunch of PC Fuckers we’ve all turned into …  and by PC I actually mean Pussy Coddled but will pretend for today it stands for Politically Correct (remember don’t want  to offend ‘the people’ on my 1st day is my goal) … hmmmm where does that leave me exactly …. I could just close the doors (figuratively speaking of course since I don’t actually have doors on my pseudo office that’s smack dab in my living room)  and head back to the Facebook to continue playing nice and biting my tongue … or I can swallow the blood and throw all caution and Politically Correctness to the wind (which is dryer than peeing in the wind) and start writing open discussions about what is actually on my mind and I am betting  that most of you are thinking … any odds makers want to guess which way I will roll the dice … times up, it’s the latter (insert your act surprise face here) …  so from this day forward I promise to be true to myself and more importantly truthful to you  … the formula will be very simplistic; I will eliminate the format of boring fluff and fairytales that we have all become accustom to and replace them with frank honestly and hopefully a lot of humor (things hurt less when you’re laughing I find) … and who knows, with any luck, I may not offend as many people as I think (oh come on, a girl can dream can’t she)  … for those of you still with me, fasten your seat belts, it’s guaranteed to be a Fabulous Ride!

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