The understanding of love and acceptance…

The understanding of love and acceptance…

For me it happened in the cemetery following my father’s funeral in 1997, for others I understand it may never happen…

It was a very brief conversation I witnessed that changed it all for me. It was between my mother and my 1st cousin, let’s call him Harry, even though it’s really Larry, who happens to be gay; and I mean gay gay, not the kind that can be prayed away gay because spoiler alert: that is not a thing!

Their exchange went like this:

MOM: ‘Harry’, *wink wink* you know you could have brought Joe today, your Uncle knew you were gay and loved you unconditionally

‘Harry’: Of course he knew I was gay, I told Tanna!

And it was at that very moment that the elephant in the room was finally addressed, he found the inner strength to admit in front of my mother and I what we have all known and been thinking for years but just couldn’t seem to verbalize: I AM A LOUD MOUTHED FABULOUS BITCH!

And the best part is, he never once judged me and, despite my vocally blatant disrespect for political correctness, loved me for all those years prior without prejudice; even knowing that I, his own cousin, would use any fucking bathroom I wanted to if I had to pee bad enough without caring who was in there or had to wait, and still promised me on that day to show up at my funeral regardless if anyone else does.

That ladies and gentlemen is what true love and acceptance is and I am thankful to be lucky enough to not only have him, but an entire family that feels the same way; well most of the time anyway but who can blame them.

So please take a good long look in the mirror before you start judging other people for not being your idea of perfect, because chances are, either are you!

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