Don’t Fuck With The Forefathers

Please stop assuming you know all of my political views by the FACTS I post, because doing so is like thinking you know anything at all about my marriage from the few I write that include my husband; both institutions are much more complicated, or at least should be, than what you see on social media.
For example candidates releasing their tax returns, or lack thereof, whatever the case shall be…
FACT: While it is not a law that a presidential candidate release theirs, it has been common practice since 1970 but dates back as far as Franklin Roosevelt’s 1913 returns. The sole exception being Richard Nixon who ultimately was audited in 1973 amidst fishy donations at which time he released four years of returns to the public, along with other financial documents, to ease their opinions of him, famously stating, ‘People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I am not a crook’; anyone else see a pattern building here.
FACT: Despite what people think, the good faith measure is not monetary but solely to assure the American people that their personal interests will not supersede those of the office they wish to hold and more importantly the country.
OPINION: As an accountant, I personally laugh at his continual ‘audit’ excuse because it’s a crock of shit, even Nixon proved that, and two thoughts immediately popped into my head the first time I heard it: he’s got his undersized hands in more crooked cookie jars then he wants us to know, or he isn’t financially worth what he claims; either way he is definitely hiding something. Since it is very easy to track his business dealings if you know what you’re doing and want to put the time in, I tend to believe the latter; and to paraphrase Mark Cuban, who is a documented 1%’er, ‘the only way he is a billionaire is if I (Mark) gave him a billion dollars to blow me’. (a true assessment or not, the visual is highly amusing)
OPINION: Then, when we were magically gifted with his single return, I viewed it with conflicting feelings. Again as an Accountant, my first thought was the 10 mil write off/carryover was a brilliant move by his tax preparer which they should have received a bigly bonus for but we all know they didn’t. Then as a businessperson, the 10mil write off of the loss of other people’s money for personal gain was definitely a sleazy move and not a good business decision to make if there’s even a slight chance your returns will someday become public. Then finally, as a US citizen and voter, the 10 mil write off/carryover that allowed him to avoid paying a penny in taxes for a decade while not only attempting to woo the same people that worked their asses off to pay theirs, but vowing to fix that very loophole to prevent others from benefiting the same way he did, was a direct glimpse into his erroneous egotistical character.
FACT: I am not alone in my concerns of his ability and/or dedication to run this country outside of his business affairs since only 46.5% of the voters, which turns out to be not just the minority but ONLY 25.5% of the US population, actually supported him; while the majority of voters, 48.2% of them, actually cast their ballot for the democratic candidate.
FACT/OPINION: That means that the constant, yet only, defense for the political shit show currently going on that ‘he won, get over it’, are mixed facts and a horrible debate for his followers … see saying she lost, let alone by a landslide, is like saying Vanessa Williams lost the Miss America pageant in 1983, because neither statement is accurate … both women actually won their respective competitions but neither were allowed to wear their crowns due to rules that were in desperate need of updating.
OPINION: While the constitution is the law of the free land and what has kept us not only safe, but continually great all these years through thick and thin, I admit I am in complete agreeance with the sitting president, who, he himself said, via twitter at 8:45 PM on 6 Nov 2012, ‘The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.’; little did he know then that no truer words would be typed by his little midget fingers.
FACT: The constitution, which includes the Twelfth Amendment, was drafted in 1787, guaranteeing certain basic rights for its citizens; only 11 years after America declared its independence. Alexander Hamilton initiated the Constitutional Conference after acknowledging that the young nation needed a stronger central government in order to remain stable. Thirty-nine (39) of the fifty-five (55) delegates in attendance ultimately signed it, representing all thirteen (13) original states except Rhode Island, which refused to send representatives because it did not want a powerful central government interfering in its economic business, as well as the secretary of the Constitutional Convention.
FACT: At that time, the country’s population was only 3,929,214, compared to the current population of 318.9’ish million; that’s approximate a 8,118% populace grown in 230 years, while the Constitution has only been amended 27 times out of the 11,372 proposed amendments in the same amount of time, with the last addition being 1992.
FACT: In just the short five years following the new Twenty-seventh Amendment: in 1993 email and web use had taken off and Adobe PDF became the first effective document- sharing technology; 1994 the JPEG lit up the Web with images; 1995 WINDOWS 95 made possible everything that has come along for the desktop since; 1996 the MP3 AUDIO FORMAT pretty much leveled an entire industry; and in 1997 a little thing called BROADBAND allowed Cable and Digital Subscriber Lines to start making an appearance in homes, and telecommuting became a real option.
We sure have come a long way since those 40 men were drafting the Bill of Rights … or have we?
Because it’s starting to feel a lot like the mid 1860’s just with Wi-Fi and embarrassingly expensive coffee if you ask me.
OPINION: We are currently so divided as a country that marriages are literally ending over the election results. In addition, if that’s not tragic enough, believe it or not, some prostitutes won’t even accept their John’s money until they know who he voted for. If we still can’t collectively acknowledge there’s a major problem when hookers and housewives, who since the beginning of time were a classic example of cause and effect, join forces, then explaining how that tear in our countries fabric adds to the growing list of the casualties of science will be time none of us will ever get back; I will move on to more pressing matters.
OPINION: Today in the left corner we have the newly embraced terms ‘Fake News’ as well as ‘Alternative Facts’ and in the right we have the polar opposite reigning champ, ‘Political Correctness’; both created to feed into a fear based audience. But if that isn’t enough, all across the arena, we have the everlasting divide of religion and where it stands in our modern day lives including country, sports arenas and even schools; with the most common argument being: ‘The Pledge stays! The Pledge goes’!
First, are you kidding me? This is the biggest issue that bothers everyone about our current education system; not the lack of funding, the absence of Arts and Music, or parents not understanding the rules of the ‘DropOff/PickUp’ lane; and not even the Grizzly Bear infestation, but a single word among thirty others. OK then, priorities set.
But the best complaint one side can muster up is ‘But, but, I do not want Little Johnny saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school because he is an Atheist and does not believe in G-d.’
OPINION: Well No, No! Because (A) Little Johnny is not an atheist, the same way Little Susie is not Jewish or Little Bobby is not Muslim, actually their parents are, who most of grew up staying the Pledge I might add; and Little ‘AnyChild’ has no idea what they believe yet, only what you told them they do. Give him time to figure it out for himself, like sexuality, he will.
And (B), no one is asking him to drink goats blood or sacrifice a virgin, mostly because we can’t find one, but anyway, if he actually understands what he’s reciting which he probably doesn’t, and personally feels uncomfortable saying it, trust that he will stand in silence on his own; I mean seriously have you ever counted how many kids actually sing during the winter performance, do the math, but not Core, and the odds are in your favor.
‘So then you’re agreeing that ‘we are a Christian nation’ and it should stay?’ asks their opponents
Well again, No!
FACT: Hope your side like surprises, because just like English, while the most common, is not our nations official language, we are not now or ever were a Christian nation. Speaking of, would it be a bad time to also mention that neither was Jesus, he was a Middle Eastern practicing Jew, that ironically by today’s standards … well you get the idea. How about I let that resonate for a bit while I address the matter at hand.
FACT: According to John Adams, who you might remember from the reality show The Second US President, ‘The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.’ Would you believe he and the rest of our founding fathers were so adamant about maintaining that fact that they referred to it as ‘the Separation of Church and State’ or more commonly known as the very First Amendment. Translated to mean that while you do have the freedom to practice any religion you want in your home or place of worship, there is absolutely no place for it in our government; wow, talk about wise men.
FACT: With all that said, while both sides still believe that in the context of the Pledge, the statement that the United States is a nation ‘under G-d’ is an endorsement of religion, the original version, written in 1892, was simply a patriotic oath that did not even include those two words. They were not added until 1954 during the Cold War to emphasize the distinctions between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Who would have known all those years ago that those same men that at that time only recently had access to bifocals would be able to predict the countries future … well them of course.
FACT: That’s exactly the same reason that more than a decade prior in 1776, Thomas Jefferson authored a little philosophy called the Declaration of Independence. This document clearly declares that human rights are inherent to all people, emphasizing that ‘all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’
OPINION: But we even managed to screw that simple message up. Once a proud boaster of being the Melting Pot of the World and accepting with open arms that is what made us great, we’ve slowly became the hyphenated culture that separates each ones values and then judges them for it; still convincing ourselves that we believe everyone deserves equal rights, but as long as they agree with our principles. Probably not exactly what they had in mind.
Then what about women, they aren’t even mentioned once.
FACT: Well they had to wait another 60 years for Elizabeth Cady to author the Declaration of Sentiments, modeled after the US Declaration of Independence, and signed by 68 women and 32 men in 1848 before achieving anything close to the same equality. The document from the first women’s rights convention was the ‘grand movement for attaining the civil, social, political, and religious rights of women’, according to the North Star, published by convention attendee and supporter of the Declaration, Frederick Douglass. A man that is truly ‘an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.’
FACT: Regardless of the respected courage and abilities behind the drafting of the document by many, they were not willing to abandon their conventional mindsets. An article in the Oneida Whig published soon after the convention described the Declaration of Sentiments as ‘the most shocking and unnatural event ever recorded in the history of womanity.’
To my dismay, I read a similar sentence in a recent article describing the Women’s March, which I vocally backed, less than a month ago, a mere 169 years later … Guess the more things change the more they stay the same huh
‘But if you say you support women’s rights, why are you so hard on Kellyanne CONway?’
FACT: On paper, she appears to be a hardworking, very smart, well-educated woman holding not one, but two college degrees, including a Juris Doctor degree.
Hell, she’s even a half Italian Jersey Girl that happens to be an Aquarius, who less than a year ago has said on an open mic much worse things about her current boss than I have, well publicly anyway. It’s as if we should be kinder spirits but that’s where our similarities end and any ounce of respect I could muster up drained from me like a swamp.
OPINION: Unfortunately, she is an ethically challenged liar, mirroring the equally transparent current Commander in Chief. These qualities have helped her achieve what no women before her has done by placing herself in an unbelievable position of power in the White House and I say Bravo for that. Additionally, I, like I’m sure many other women, would love to throw my support behind her regardless of her other political views. However, while she has the ability to make a real difference in history for women’s rights, among other things, she has made it very clear she is not looking for our backing, and has even gone as far as openly criticizing Feminism.
Sadly what she doesn’t understand is, it’s that same movement she condemns that women have been fighting for centuries before her that allows her and the rest of the female population the many rights we have today, including the option to be in the position she presently holds; oh how the irony is lost on her and so many others.
FACT: While I adamantly do not endorse her or her employer, I can honestly say, contrary to popular belief, that my political views are not fully represented by either major political party therefore I choose not to have an alliance with either one, but rather the issues and candidates individually. I also do not vote with my vagina, or my wallet for that matter, I vote with my morals. Sometimes it’s in favor of my personal interests and other times it’s consciously not, but it’s always for what I feel is best for Human Rights.
And even though I have made it relatively clear here to be able to depict between fact and opinion (or as I like to think of it ‘sarcasm based facts’), my point is, regardless if what you read or see is presented as fact or fiction, your job as a US citizen, especially in this current political upheaval, is to question everything no matter the source.
While I understand that it may take longer than sharing a mindless meme, please do your research to not only educate yourself, but also so you don’t look like a complete stunad by unknowingly sharing more false information to the people that won’t, that’s all I ask; well almost.
I also want you to remember that the bottom line for me is always the same, you don’t know everyone’s story or struggles, and regardless of your race, nationality, sexual orientation, day you take out the trash or have your nails done, just like you, everyone else is attempting to do their best in this crazy world, fighting to stay alive and trying to find their own happiness, which may not mirror yours, but it doesn’t make it wrong, just wrong for you, and that’s what makes you a fabulous fucking individual!
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