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Tote Bags

This FABULOUS Tote Set is a multi-taskers dream providing them with one each of the Fabulously Unconventional XL Tote, Doctors Tote with bonus Cosmetics Bag (not shown) and Fabulously Unconventional Bible

This FABULOUS Doctors Tote is a MUST HAVE! The Fabulously Unconventional Patent Doctors Tote Bag is perfectly sized at 10”W x 6”H x 5”D with top pinched self handles, zipper closure and ‘fu’ Logo Nylon Waterproof Lining. Fabulously fashionable for literally anything, so why not look fabulous doing it all!

This FABULOUS extra-large Tote is a MUST HAVE super-functional CARRY ALL … The Fabulously Unconventional Patent Tote Bag is fabulously oversized at 22”w x 16”h x 5”d with 1 ½ x 22 inch self handles and lined with Waterproof ‘fu’ Logo Nylon Lining. Perfectly fashionable for anything from the gym, the beach or a long weekend and even as a diaper bag, why not look fabulous doing it all!